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Talk and demo by Medical Detection Dogs Charity

A talk and demonstration by the Medical Detection Dogs Charity is being held in Milton Keynes later this month.

Medical Detection Dogs is a charity that trains dogs to help people with life threatening health conditions.

The event is being hosted by Fun Ways and Yardley Gobion Dog Training Classes and will take place on Thursday 26 January 2012, from 8pm at New Bradwell Communtiy Centre, Milton Keynes.

All are welcome and tea will be provided. A donation of at least £2 per person is requested on entry and all monies raised will go direct to the charity. Call 01908 502272 for further information.



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Two charities worthy of a mention…

Ralphie’s granny has requested that we give a shout out to two worthwhile charities as our good deed for 2012 – and we can’t really argue. And hopefully there will be more good deeds to come!

We’ve already mentioned the Retired Greyhound Trust which relies on donations to help rehome thousands of greyhounds each year, each in need of a home once their racing career ends, and at such an early age.

Guide Dog for the Blind puppy in training: Fifth World Art via FlickrThe Guide Dogs for the Blind charity has been breeding and training guide dogs for more than 75 years, providing many thousands to blind and partially-sighted across the country.

I know first hand how valuable a guide dog is as last year I met Tim Musson, a lovely chap who lives in Nottingham with his guide dog Summer. Tim lives alone and is completely self sufficient, with the help of Summer who goes to work with him and helps him cross roads, warns him about steps and plenty more to boot. Such an intelligent dog, Summer was also playful and keen on a bit of fuss when I met her – just like any other dog. And Ralphie gave me a good sniff when I got home, looking at me as if to say “have you been with another dog!?”

Registered blind as a small child, following an illness which took his sight, Tim was the youngest in the country to get a guide dog and can explain first hand how important they are to the blind and visually impaired. You can find out more about Tim in this audio interview – in which you can hear Summer snoring! And you can follow his bird watching antics on his blog.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity and trains dogs to alert deaf people to everyday sounds and danger signals in the home, at work or in public.

Both charities rely on volunteers and fundraising to offer what can only described as life-saving services to help the deaf and the blind live as comfortably as possible.

So, whether you make a donation, sponsor a puppy or organise a fundraising event, perhaps think of doing it for one of the above?


Picture by Fifth World Art via Flickr under this licence

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